With our AMRA programs, we help the fashion industry create transparent, circular and self-governed supply chains. 



We are passionate about making a difference in the lives of the sustainability leaders of the fashion industry.

We fast track the complex sustainability projects in your supply chain through a dedicated coaching program. This is ideal for any complex project that is either a bit stuck or is taking too long to implement.

By simplifying complexity through experience, best practice and weekly tasks, we expedite your process.

We coach executives, project managers and other leaders within sustainability.

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Helping suppliers improve their sustainability performance is at the core of our mission. Without responsible, innovative and self-governed suppliers we will never see the improved supply chain that we need in the fashion industry. 


Our Self-Governed program for suppliers and manufacturers empowers you (the supplier) to take ownership of the sustainability agenda and puts you in the driving seat of how, when and what. This will strengthen your sustainability performance and ultimately enable you to choose between buyers.  


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We support brands getting started when creating transparent and circular supply chains. 

A transparent supply chain is a supply chain we can see, it means that all steps of the production are visible to us and that we are able to influence the full supply chain of a product's life cycle. 

A circular supply chain means that we view the waste that is generated in the supply chain as a resource. It requires that all the waste, including unsold garments, shoes, fabrics and scrap waste from the factory floor, is handled in a circular way. 

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AMRA was founded by Anna Rönngard, a Swede living and working in Hong Kong at the time. After many years in the apparel and footwear sector, Anna had a vision of creating a responsible garment supply chain by empowering all of the players in the industry to become leaders.

Central to this vision is her belief in empowering the stakeholders through true partnership and creating incentives for everyone throughout the entire supply chain to ensure that all are dedicated to integrating meaningful and effective sustainability practices into their businesses. 

Anna has worked for large fashion corporations such as the H&M Group and has extensive knowledge and understanding of the industry ranging from the factory floors, to creating multi brand industry initiatives, to internal strategy solutions and executions.

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