We create sustainable supply chains

by building equal partnerships between buyers and sellers.

We make your supply chain transparent and transformative,

so you can achieve your sustainability objectives.

With our AMRA programs, we accelerate sustainability performance in the fashion supply chain!


With our AMRA programs, we transform the supply chain relationships, to improve the lives, the environment and the communities affected by the fashion industry. 



We are on a mission to create a value for sustainable investments.  

For sellers, we improve your overall offer by making you self-governed in terms of sustainability performance. Additionally to that, we offer you to be featured on our Sustainability Leaders platform. Finally, we empower you to screen and choose buyers before entering into a business relationship, so that you can avoid the unethical buyers.  

For brands we improve performance with your existing supply chain - mapping, assessing or creating incentives for sustainable behaviour. Additionally, we offer a pool of self-governed and progressive suppliers for your sourcing team to choose from. 




  • We offer four focus areas under our self governance program:

    • Basic Compliance​

    • Performance Improvement

    • Traceability

    • Circular Production

  • For each program we evaluate both the robustes of your organisation and the functionality of the systems in place. All in order to then provide recommendations on how to become a self-governed supplier.

  • During implementation we will be there to follow up and guide. 


  • Evaluation of your buyers from a financial, ethical and long-term goal perspective

  • Representation during pitching/negotiation/contract signing


​Outside our two main areas; transparency and self-governance, AMRA offer two very useful services for brands in the fashion industry.

  • A circular handling of your deadstock fabric and garments. We help you with everything from inspecting the stock, sorting, transporting, recycling and handling. All according to the circular principals.   

  • Onboarding of the SAC industry tools BRM (Brand and Retail module). This includes onsite support during the completion of the survey. 


Today there is an uneven power balance between buyers and sellers in the garment industry. Buyers usually have the upper hand which leaves them to dictate the terms.


It doesn’t mean that one side is bad, and one side is good, although it is easy to think so. Circumstances have simply always allowed us to work in this way and there has been little or no incentive to change.

When sharing the risks we create stronger, healthier more equal relationships.

With our Shared Risk Program we empower suppliers to be more selective when choosing buyers, conducting a proper screening of them before entering into a business relationship. 

We offer services to screen your pipeline buyers from a financial and ethical perspective, including representation during negotiation and contract signing. 


Through the AMRA Leadership Platform we connect buyers and suppliers who share goals and sustainability ambitions.


The featured manufactures and mills will actively work with the buyer to further innovate and develop the products to be responsible, circular and traceable. The featured brands are buyers who take equal partnership seriously. They value and reward their strategic supply chain partners in order to achieve high sustainability performance.

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In order for the sustainability performance of the fashion industry to improve, the future must be about empowering and rewarding the good manufacturers, rather than fuelling unsustainable practices by neglecting that very parameter during sourcing and order placement. It must be about building partnerships where we share a common agenda, when both sides take responsibility and neither is made a victim.

That is why we created the Self-Governance Program.  








The program contains three interlinked parts which are all crucial in order to create the self-governed supply chain. 


An Evaluation of mindset and potential is the first step. Not every supplier and brand will be able to achieve this. The mindset and willingness is a fundamental requirement.

The Supplier Products are designed to not only make the supplier a high performing sustainability leader, but also to look further than the own facilities. The program will teach the supplier how to manage its own value chain, and how to engage the industry and the local governments to move towards more sustainable and long lasting practices.

Finally, Intentional Sourcing from the brands is a prerequisite for this to work. This part of the program helps the brands to establish systems on how to reward and recognise suppliers that will bring the industry forward. 

And that is why the Self Governed supply chain is the most impactful way forward for our industry. 



The Supplier products are 4 different focus areas which all need to be in place for a supplier to be regarded as self-governed. A supplier might need support with all four areas, or just one or two.


The end result is not just excellent sustainability performance in the own facilities, but also a responsible business which manages and influence its business partners, the industry and the local government. It will be an independent organisation with strong understanding and willingness to actively work with sustainability. 

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We want to transform the supply chain relationships to improve the lives, the environment and the communities affected by the fashion industry. 

With the way we are working in the fashion today, the risk of polluting the environment, exploiting people and harming animals is very real.

This is due to an outsourced, non-transparent supply chain, located far away in countries lacking governmental monitoring processes,

For decades, many brands and organisations have been trying to improve this reality. Progress have been done, but not enough and it's time for transforming the way we work.  

Since many buyers have taken upon them to control the legal compliance in their outsourcing factories, it has lead to a tradition where buyers tell suppliers what to do and how to do it. Creating a lack of ownership with the supplier on questions such as worker's right, environment, circularity and transparency. 

We believe this lack of ownership, combined with a lack of proper reward systems for the frontrunners, is the reason to why we face so many issues in the industry today. 

Here is where our purpose comes in and where our AMRA programs will help transform the way we today work in the fashion industry, our relationships. 

We want to transform it into a place where we reward the good behaviour and share the ownership of the sustainability outcome.

We hope, sooner rather than later, that there will be no need for our services, and that we will be able to all enjoy a clean, responsible and transparent fashion industry.