We are passionate about making a difference in the lives of the sustainability leaders of the fashion industry.

We help busy sustainability leaders fast track complex projects, with a special focus on supply chain, through coaching.  This is ideal for any complex project that is either stuck or is taking too long to implement.

By simplifying complexity through experience, best practice and weekly tasks, we expedite your process.

We coach executives, project managers and other leaders within sustainability.

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AMRA is a certified SLCP (Social and Labor Convergence Program) trainer body. We have trainers in Europe, India and Bangladesh.


On a monthly basis we offer a Beginners courses to SLCP, held online. It covers everything you need to get started and to be successful when filling in the SLCP for the first time. Click below to find out more about pricing and how to register. 



Recycled Plastic


We support brands and manufacturers getting started with traceability, circularity and creating a self-governed supply chain. 

It includes anything from setting strategies, execute actions plans and defining measurements and impacts.


We make sure you and your sustainability roadmap is solid, relevant and cutting edge so you can position yourself as a leader within the industry.  

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