Oops, we are not really done yet!

Be patient, our supplier community will soon be up and running. 


We believe in the empowerment of all actors within the fashion industry, but especially the manufacturers. Without responsible, innovative and self-governed suppliers we will never see the improved fashion industry we need. 

That is why we have created our AMRA network for suppliers and manufacturers to gain knowledge on sustainability, understand brand's requirements, contribute and learn from best practices, network and to attend live events and coaching sessions on various topics.  

Our platform is packed with useful insights, tutorials and updates on what's going on in the industry. 

Only collectively can we tackle the challenges of sustainability. Are you with us? 

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Our AMRA Supplier Network is a great source of knowledge and resources, but sometime we need a more in depth guidance. This can be for those suppliers and manufacturers that are running fairly complex projects, or expanding to more challenging markets, or have a new sustainability team for example. 

Through our dedicated, 1:1, coaching we have helped suppliers and vendors around the world getting started and achieving sustainability wins on a number of topics.


They include, but are not limited to:

  • Setting science based targets for greenhouse gas emissions

  • Mapping and assuring compliance in your upstream supply chain

  • Build a data and impact driven method to score and reward business partners

  • Anchor and implement your sustainability strategy.