Image by Markus Winkler



  • A 7-week group coaching course on the process of integrating ownership of sustainability into the organization. 

  • Access to the recording after each session

  • Access to a community (facebook group) of sustainability leaders. The community will grow as more and more participants takes the course. 

  • Lifetime access to Anna’s weekly group coaching calls (or for as long as Anna runs the calls). 

  • Templates and resource sheets for each session such as workshop templates, toolbox template, etc.  



  • We meet in the group once a week over zoom

  • Meetings 60 min 

  • Duration: 8th of March - 26th of April



  • Anna will guide the participants through a process which aims to increase the ownership of sustainability in the organization

  • The participants will be asked to pick one department/function of the company to use as a test case during the course

  • The learnings from this will then become the blueprint for you, which can be used in other parts of the company as well 



  • Before enrolling in the program, we want the participants to have a sign off from their manager that there is a genuine desire to try and integrate the ownership of sustainability into the organization. That there is an understanding that sustainability is not a one-man show, but a collective effort from the company.  

  • If you are happy with the result of the course, that you give Anna and the Accelerator a testimonial.